Friday, February 12, 2010


I dunno.
So, Wednesday my friend Candyce and I volunteered to package meals for Haiti at Feed My Starving Children in Chanhassen. It was great. It was fun, competitive, and we left with a definite sense of helping people in need. Of course our table won with the most boxes. What we did was fill tons of little plastic bags with a scientifically formulated meal of chicken, vegetables, soy, and rice; then seal them up and package them. In less than 2hrs we packaged 23 boxes - each having 36 bags in them, which each have 6 servings. So, together with the rest of the volunteers from United Health Group, we were able to package enough food to feed 48 starving children for a full year!!! That was amazing. Dylan was bummed that I didn't sign him up for it also, so I think we'll go back and do it again soon. :)
Anyway, where karma comes into the picture...
My lower wisdom tooth started hurting, and hasn't stopped. I went to the dentist late yesterday afternoon and found out that I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm teething, one of my molars popped all the way through and is on the move. It's painful. So now I have an appointment on Monday morning with an oral surgeon. Thankfully, I only have 3 wisdom teeth - rather than the normal 4. Yay. I'm evolved!
AND THEN... to top it all off. On my way home tonight I got a call from Dylan's neighborhood buddy's mom asking if it was okay to give Dylan some children's Tylenol as he jammed his finger pretty bad. So I get there, and give him heck saying he's being a baby and blah blah blah. But then we get home and I look closer, and it is quite swollen and already bruising. My neighbor is a nurse so I had her look at it, and she all but confirmed my fear: a fracture. So, we'll be going into Urgent Care tomorrow morning to get an xray and possibly a cast. But for now, icing and pain meds seem to be doing the trick.
But. The Olympics are starting now, so I gotta go watch that. I'll keep this updated and I'm sure make some odd entries on Monday/Tuesday under sedation. LOL

Later tater!