Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, nothing really exciting to blog about. The surgery went really well and I've just been bored and sleepy the last few days. I did learn the hard way to make sure I have food in my tummy before taking the pills. What little food I can have anyway. I can't wait to eat a real dinner. Chicken soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and yogurt just isn't cutting it! And it's back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that at all. Our manager is gone for the next 6-8 months for National Guard, and the replacement doesn't know anything and making us do stupid busy work.
Dylan's hand is looking a little better. Keeping my fingers crossed that he didn't actually break it. It's pretty bruised looking, but the swelling has gone way down and it doesn't seem to hurt him that much. It is kinda stinky though. And he was telling me about playing football at school today. :( I think he's on a mission to make sure it breaks. Which is really bad news cuz he wants to make the traveling baseball team this year.
Anyway, that's all I have to update on. Nothing else happening here. Goodnight!

Friday, February 12, 2010


I dunno.
So, Wednesday my friend Candyce and I volunteered to package meals for Haiti at Feed My Starving Children in Chanhassen. It was great. It was fun, competitive, and we left with a definite sense of helping people in need. Of course our table won with the most boxes. What we did was fill tons of little plastic bags with a scientifically formulated meal of chicken, vegetables, soy, and rice; then seal them up and package them. In less than 2hrs we packaged 23 boxes - each having 36 bags in them, which each have 6 servings. So, together with the rest of the volunteers from United Health Group, we were able to package enough food to feed 48 starving children for a full year!!! That was amazing. Dylan was bummed that I didn't sign him up for it also, so I think we'll go back and do it again soon. :)
Anyway, where karma comes into the picture...
My lower wisdom tooth started hurting, and hasn't stopped. I went to the dentist late yesterday afternoon and found out that I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm teething, one of my molars popped all the way through and is on the move. It's painful. So now I have an appointment on Monday morning with an oral surgeon. Thankfully, I only have 3 wisdom teeth - rather than the normal 4. Yay. I'm evolved!
AND THEN... to top it all off. On my way home tonight I got a call from Dylan's neighborhood buddy's mom asking if it was okay to give Dylan some children's Tylenol as he jammed his finger pretty bad. So I get there, and give him heck saying he's being a baby and blah blah blah. But then we get home and I look closer, and it is quite swollen and already bruising. My neighbor is a nurse so I had her look at it, and she all but confirmed my fear: a fracture. So, we'll be going into Urgent Care tomorrow morning to get an xray and possibly a cast. But for now, icing and pain meds seem to be doing the trick.
But. The Olympics are starting now, so I gotta go watch that. I'll keep this updated and I'm sure make some odd entries on Monday/Tuesday under sedation. LOL

Later tater!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cross Country Skiing

Ok, just a quick little note. I volunteered to help out with Dylan's cross country skiing gym class this morning, I wasn't brave enough to try the skiing (although, I wish I had - would've been even more fun) however, I tried the snow shoes. Well, I didn't get very far. After getting all the kids in their skis and on their way, I put on the shoes and started walking...walked right out of them. So I put them aside and just walked around to get a few photos of Dylan. I was VERY impressed with the ski course these teachers set up! They clearly put in a LOT of work! They had several different trails, with great names like Secretary's Super Highway, and hmm...now I can't remember them! :( I'll get them from Dylan tomorrow, but there were 5 or 6 of them, mostly named after teachers. I think one was Mr. Bell's Bypass - which is the principal. I love his school, has to be the best in Prior Lake. The teachers there are just awesome. All teachers are awesome, Shay!, and I have the highest respect for them. I definitely need to volunteer more and get more involved again...while he still gets excited for me to do it! His teacher told me that he told her at least 4 times that I was there to volunteer and asked if she'd seen me. :) They were only up there for about 10 minutes. Cute. Anyway, so the gym teacher was telling me how Dylan seemed to be a natural at this, and informed me there's a high school cross country ski team. ;) Now I'm thinking we need to get some cross country skis of our own and get out there and practice. Not only is it good exercise for me, but it'd get him out and doing something during the winter. And a good reason to get the dogs out too! So if there's anyone else that wants to learn with me, let me know. Apparently even those in NC can do it now! :) Whacky weather this year!

Also, I'm not sure why, I got your messages - but I can't figure out what the deal is with not being able to leave me comments. I'll try and get that fixed soon. Maybe it has something to do with the background that I have encoded, because I went to the settings and it seems like everything is set correctly to allow it. We'll see...I'll have more time this weekend to work on it.

Love to you all!
Give baby Jordyn a kiss for me Shay! And a hug to yourself for the AWESOME work you do, not only as a mother, but as a teacher! xoxo