Sunday, January 31, 2010

The weekend

Well, ok - here I go. I'm not really sure what to write about in here, because nothing really exciting ever happens around here. But I figured I should just start writing.

The weekend was pretty boring for me, but Dylan had an exciting weekend. He had a birthday party on Saturday, for a friend he hasn't seen in a looong time. Then today he started a baseball clinic. Yay! Baseball season is on it's way! I'm contemplating on whether to sign him up for the traveling baseball team this year or not. Not only is it a lot more of a money committment, but also time. They go ALL over for games, and have tons of tournaments. Any suggestions? :) I think he'd be just as happy with the in-house team. And I'm not sure I could handle the disappointment he'd feel if he didn't make the team. But is that looking out more for myself? He'll have to go through it sometime in life.

Along with the baseball season, comes some extra work for myself. Last year I signed up to be the 3rd grade baseball coordinator. It was quite the experience, and I stayed on to do it again this year...but not for Dylan's grade. I think it'll be easier to enforce certain rules and to stand up to the parents when they get angry - if they're not Dylan's friend's parents. And really, it's only a lot of work at the beginning of the season to make the teams, and at the end of the season during the tournaments.

Well, that pretty much totally sums up our weekend. Pretty boring huh? Hopefully more exciting things will come. A few things are coming up, nothing fun though. I'll probably have to come on and vent. I need to call Tmobile. They've been charging me twice for text messaging for 10 months. I'm a little nervous to call them, because if they do not reimburse me, I will fire them as my cell service - but I don't want to deal with the termination fees and finding a new service.

I also need to turn in a nasty letter to my landlord/caretaker. I've lived here almost 3 years and nothing gets fixed! They put in a brand new dishwasher when I moved in, had drunk guys install it, and it hasn't worked since. That's just one of many issues. So if anyone out there has any experience with this situation, any and all suggestions would be great. My plan is to write a letter with a list of everything I want fixed, and have it notarized. According to MN law, they only have 14 days to fix things once they get notified. (That's why I'm planning on getting it notarized - turn it into a legal document - hopefully that'll let them know I'm serious) It is also law to have a CO detector in every house. They have never put one in. I've been told probably 10 times that they were going to come within the next week to install it, but then I never hear anything. Ha... ok, I could go on and on about the BS that goes on with this place. But I won't bore you until I hear back from them and need to vent. LOL

Good night! I'll leave ya with a few baseball photos since that is on our mind now. :) This was the game they got to play on Prior Lake's amateur baseball team's field...with announcer, scoreboard and all!!! Catching is his favorite position. He's my little Joe Mauer

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I need help...

Ok. Really, I want to start a blog - but I have no idea what I'm doing. :) I want a cool The P's. Shay - if you read this, can you help me set something halfway decent up? LOL I'd greatly appreciate it, your blog is adorable. Of course - it helps to have an adorable little girl to photograph and put on there. :P